Q: How soon can I book a session?

Generally speaking, I am not available on Sundays and am booked about two weeks in advance, but you are always welcome to reach out to check for availability!

If there are days that work best for you, please mention them when reaching out for contact.

Q: What are your hours?

Shooting hours vary slightly by season due to lighting restrictions.

Generally speaking, hours are 11AM-6PM during summer and 10AM-4PM in winter. If you choose to hire the makeup artist, we can begin our session a little bit earlier, as it usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to apply the makeup and go through all of your wardrobe changes.

Q: Do you shoot film or digital?

I prefer to shoot digital in RAW format. You will receive your images more quickly and it costs less for us both, overall.

If you’d prefer a film session it is best to reach out beforehand, as it not only takes extra time to prepare, it costs a bit more/takes more time to process the photographs.

Q: Natural Light or Studio Lighting?

I prefer natural light and use it 99.9% of the time for headshots, but I do have studio lighting available if for any reason weather does not permit or you/your agent prefer it.

Q: What can I do to prepare for our session?

Pack multiple tops in different styles — typically without designs or logos — in a variety of colors. I recommend a few t-shirts, a tank top and over-shirt, and a layering jacket or sports coat with a tie. Don’t forget a comfortable and sturdy pair of jeans, and whatever shoes make you most comfortable. I provide hangers and hanging space for your clothing choices, so avoid shoving them into a backpack, pretty please!

Think about the type of marketing looks you need. What are the current and popular sitcoms, film and television stars, and buzzwords? “Girl next door”, “hipster casual”, “best friend”, “sports fan”, “woman going out”, “happy hour guy”, “office casual”, “office nerd”, “retail employee”, and “upscale professional”, just to name a few.

Most importantly: PLEASE be clean and showered, and show up with your hair washed and styled with additional product and styling tools if necessary. (eg. gel, hairbrush, curling iron, blow dryer, straightener, razor, etc.) Arriving unprepared will delay and stunt the session, as well as create unnecessary tension and frustration. If you still have any questions or concerns, please review my portfolios for ideas and don’t hesitate to contact me prior to your session for a wardrobe consultation.

Q: Do I need to hire the make-up artist?

The simple answer is “no”. I do recommend it, however, particularly for those with oily skin or a bald scalp. The bottom line is that a make-up artist will make both of our lives easier. You will experience significant delays in receiving your image retouches if you have skin issues and do not hire the make-up artist.

Q: How many people do you shoot in a day?

Almost always one. Rarely two, unless it is a “friend/doubles session”.

Q: Cash, check, or credit card?

I do accept cash and checks. Even Venmo (which I LOVE), Zelle, and the Cash app.

If you choose to pay by check, take note that you will not receive your images until the check clears, which typically takes 24-48 hours. All payments are expected in full before you leave the session.

I do not take deposits and do not currently require payment for cancelled or rescheduled sessions. If you do cancel more than once, I may reconsider giving your scheduling a priority in the future.

Q: Do you do reshoots if I'm unhappy with the images?

I understand that not everyone will be happy 100% of the time. This can happen in any line of business, and it sucks.

My portfolio is an accurate representation of what you can expect to receive from a session. I will show you previews from our shoot while it is in progress. When you are ready to move on to another look or call the shoot complete, you are essentially telling me that you are satisfied with what you have seen and no longer reserve the right to ask for a reshoot or a refund.

If there is a technical issue — which I do as much as possible to avoid by having two digital cameras, four lenses, three batteries, a tripod, a monopod, and five memory cards — I will do absolutely everything I can to keep the session going as planned. If for any reason this is still impossible I would be more than happy to reschedule with you!

Also, just for the record, only twice in my twelve+ year career as a headshot photographer have I been too ill to shoot without fear of getting another person sick.