By now you likely realize that I am a photographer. What you may not know is that I had a father and grandfather who were photographers as well. Though neither of them had the opportunity or overall desire to shoot digital, they taught me almost everything I know about photography. Everything else that I know, I learned by studying and through trial and error.


Headshots have been a specialty of mine since 2006. I love being one-on-one with people, which is part of what makes shooting headshots so special to me. I have worked with hundreds — perhaps even a thousand or more — people. I have also worked with managers, agencies, and consultants to create a style that positively affects an actor’s ability to book or gain representation that works well for them.

Other fun facts:

  • I love dogs, hiking, sushi, travel, and wine.
  • In addition to being a photographer, I am also a web designer, former band booking agent, karaoke host, a book/script editor, and I make candles out of liquor bottles.
  • At age 14 I played Nancy in a musical production of “Oliver!” When I was 15, I joined the high school jazz band, as I am also a classically trained pianist.
  • I have never broken a bone or had any kind of surgery.
  • I love rollercoasters and have no fear whatsoever of flying, but I am oddly terrified of being a passenger in a car on the 405 freeway.

I know that choosing a headshot photographer may be one of the biggest decisions you make in your career. Here are a just few things you can expect from a headshot session with me: laughter, water, no time limits, FREE PARKING, (which is highly valuable in Los Angeles, as most of you know,) puppies*, my undivided attention, music if you need/want it, and tons of great conversation. I do not set a timer, I never take or make calls on your time, and if you want to run through a look again, I say, “let’s do it!” You will have a good time and you’ll get great shots that are vibrant and full of personality!


*I will lock my three short-haired rat terriers up in another room when you arrive, but feel free to let me know if you are allergic to dogs altogether and I will find an alternate location for our session.